Healthy food for your pet

More people are starting to realise that there is a connection between the health of our pets and their food. It is very logical that nature is a good guideline for composing the menu of our dog or cat. These animals are carnivores, so they are originally meat and prey eaters.

Alaska Natural Petfood was established from this vision. Based on the BARF method (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) Alaska Natural Petfood contains raw muscle meat, meat bones, organ meat and for dogs supplemented with a mix of fresh mashed vegetable. Only fresh raw materials of a high quality are used in Alaska Natural Petfood, all necessary vitamins and minerals are naturally present in the fresh raw materials.


Alaska Natural Petfood was established from Peys Doggyfood B.V. to develop quality fresh products for dog and cat. It started with a line of frozen food for dogs and has expanded since 2015 with a line of balanced food for cats.

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