The meat supplies of Alaska Natural Petfood have been inspired by nature itself, namely based on the diet of the ancestors of our dogs and cats. Alaska Natural Petfood has been compiled with the Alaska_Doosbest fresh ingredients available: raw meat with bones and organs, and for dogs supplemented with fresh decomposed vegetables. After the production Alaska Natural Petfood is quickly frozen, in order to preserve all the natural present vitamins.

Through much alternation of the various types of Alaska Natural Petfood you will give your pet a wide offer of nutrients in the correct proportion. No artificial vitamins and minerals are added, as these are already naturally present in the raw materials. If at least four different types of sausages are fed in one week, of which one is a fish variation, a balanced menu is used.

Why Alaska Dogfood

  • Especially tasty, so very suitable for dogs and cats who are picky
  • Does not contain any artificial additions, so no preservatives
  • Very digestible
  • Increase the resistance of your dog and cat
  • Prevents plaque
  • Gluten-free

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