How much Alaska Natural Petfood should I feed my dog?

On average one could say;

  • adult dogs: 20-30 grams of meat per kilo body weight per day.
  • puppies and nursing dogs: 40-60 grams meat per kilo body weight per day.

These are only guidelines.

Of course there are exceptions. It is important that you watch how much you feed. The ribs of your dog should be felt quite well, but they should not be visible. If your dog is getting too thin, you have to feed him more. If your dog is getting too fat, you should feed it less. The energy requirement of the dog depends on various factors such as: the weight, the race, the stage of life, the gender, the activity and the health of the dog.

The number of kilo calories present in the feed depends on the percentage of fat, protein and carbohydrates. On the label of each Alaska Natural Petfood variation the total kcal per 100 grams feed is displayed. Make sure that there is plenty of drinking water available.

Each Alaska Natural Petfood product is a supplementary feed. This means that a variation on its own is not a complete feed. Therefore, it is very important to alternate between de various variations. The Alaska Combi boxes are a good solution for this. If at least four different types of sausages are fed in one week, of which one is a fish variation, a balanced menu is used.

Alaska has a number of single sided variation (which only contain one type of animal), these are suitable for an elimination diet. However, it is important that when you only feed one variation for more than 6 weeks, you also use a vitamin/mineral supplement with the meal.